The Shetland Islands: Scotland’s Best Kept Secret – Things to Know!

I visited Scotland in June 2019 and I instantly fell in love with it. There is a lot to see in the land of the Scots and our road trip circuiting Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Speyside, Inverness and the Loch Ness was enough to make me leave my heart in Scotland. Little did I know IContinue reading “The Shetland Islands: Scotland’s Best Kept Secret – Things to Know!”

Postcards From Shetland!

My most recent travels took me to a part of the world that I knew existed but I didn’t know what to expect from it. Shetland Islands came at me like a delicious dash of cold breeze on a hot and humid day. 2019 has been a tough year for me and all I neededContinue reading “Postcards From Shetland!”

My First Time in Europe – Shocks & Surprises

My first “major” trip abroad was to Italy. I say “major” because even though I had been to Maldives and Sri Lanka before but visiting Italy was the first time I actually went through the visa application process. And believe me when I say getting a Schengen visa on a (blank) Indian passport does requireContinue reading “My First Time in Europe – Shocks & Surprises”

Belgium: The Underrated European Tourist Destination

Europe is a favorite destination among tourists all year round. From the Christmas markets during Winters to the breathtakingly beautiful flower gardens (Tulips anyone?) in Spring to the sunny riviera beach scenes during Summers, Europe has something to offer to everyone, age no bar, country no bar and interests no bar… And thus every yearContinue reading “Belgium: The Underrated European Tourist Destination”

Ios: Greek Island Experience on a Budget!

“Did you visit Santorini?”, is a question I get asked every time I mention my Greek holiday that we took past summer. Santorini is famous all thanks to the dreamy pictures of whitewashed houses atop dark cliffs along a placid, blue Mediterranean Sea that crowd the image search on google. If that wasn’t enough, SantoriniContinue reading “Ios: Greek Island Experience on a Budget!”

My Itinerary: Italy in a Dash

Traveling often is dictated by constraints… Its generally either money or time i.e. only if you have chosen your companions smartly else the term constraints can have many new connotations… Monetary travel constraints translate to traveling on a budget and that is an adventure in its own right. Exploring a new city or a countryContinue reading “My Itinerary: Italy in a Dash”

8 Things To Do in Athens

The sea bluer than the sky, freshly whitewashed houses creating a stark contrast against the aforementioned blue sea and bright pink bougainvillea flowers framing doorways is how Google Image Search and Instagram give you a glimpse of Greece.  However, the same google image search for Greece also comes up with a few pictures of theContinue reading “8 Things To Do in Athens”

My Itinerary: Greece on a Budget

Greece had always been on my bucket list and it was more than just the whitewashed houses on the edges of the blue Mediterranean sea and the Acropolis that I wanted to see. I knew that there was more to the birthplace of the Western civilization than what Google images and Instagram let on… SoContinue reading “My Itinerary: Greece on a Budget”

My Journal: Colossal Rome (Day 2)

Nothing can ever compare to the feeling of sheer awe that I felt when I first saw the Colosseum in Rome. I exited the Colosseo metro station and there it was in all its glory – towering and breathtaking. The fact that it is colossal is an understatement and the fact that the Roman MunicipalContinue reading “My Journal: Colossal Rome (Day 2)”

My Journal: Rome Day 1 – The Vatican, Gelato, Innamorati, Punto et al

Roam with me… In Rome… Roaming is exactly how one must experience Rome. Apart from the much trodden touristy paths that constitute the Vatican, the Colosseum and the Fontana di Trevi there is so much more to this historic city than meets the eye and can be discovered only when you aimlessly wander the lanesContinue reading “My Journal: Rome Day 1 – The Vatican, Gelato, Innamorati, Punto et al”

My Journal: First Timers in Rome – Fiumicino to Termini

Take me to Rome, I said to myself… And so when I got the opportunity to travel to Europe, I chose Roma (in Italian) as my first destination. The Schengen Visa process is nuts but well I am sure there are countries in the world that sure make things a hell lot more difficult. ButContinue reading “My Journal: First Timers in Rome – Fiumicino to Termini”

Europe – One Country At A Time

I hold a corporate job that hypothetically is 9 to 5, but in reality spans more on the lines of 9 to 9… That and limited vacation days make it next to impossible for me to carve out a chunk greater than 7 – 10 days to simply travel… One reason why my colleagues andContinue reading “Europe – One Country At A Time”