DO NOT MISS: The Sarafa Bazaar Chowpaty in Indore

Its not everyday that one gets to travel to a city 500 kms away for a night on a whim and hence when I got a chance to do so, I jumped at the opportunity... The purpose of my visit is a story in itself but what I want to share with you all today … Continue reading DO NOT MISS: The Sarafa Bazaar Chowpaty in Indore


Roadtrip: Pune to Nashik

Let's go on a ROADTRIP! I think doing roadtrips with someone is the best way to bond... I don't know, its probably about being "confined" in a closed space (I mean a car!) or being "coupled" with someone else (like on a motorbike!) for long periods of time kind of compels you to connect with … Continue reading Roadtrip: Pune to Nashik

7 Things To Do in Pondicherry

Exploring a city takes time, energy and then a little more time... However, when you know you have less than 5 days in hand and have a brand new city to unearth, you do the smart thing and google the top 'n' things to do in the city. I do this every time I am … Continue reading 7 Things To Do in Pondicherry

Destination: Pondicherry

A few years ago my sister and I made a pact... We decided that every year we would take a trip just the two of us, to a destination that both of us had never been to and to mark the beginning of the deal we zero-ed onto Pondicherry... A Little About Pondicherry A Union … Continue reading Destination: Pondicherry