7 Things To Do/Wear On An Airplane

Air travel by far is the most popular mode of travel nowadays. However, there is one inconvenience that I always dread when I am about to go on a plane, ok two… One being the airport security finding something (precious to me) in my humongous handbag that would probably be against security policies and theyContinue reading “7 Things To Do/Wear On An Airplane”

Your Travel Style: On A Whim Or Meticulously Planned?

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware… The above quote by Martin Buber is perhaps one of my favorite quotes that pertains not only to travel but to life in general… It just goes to support the argument that irrespective of the amount of planning that one puts into something thereContinue reading “Your Travel Style: On A Whim Or Meticulously Planned?”

When in doubt, Travel!

Travel means different things to different people… To one it symbolises the coming of age while to another it may be as simple as taking a well deserved vacation. I know of a few to whom traveling is a luxury that they indulge in once in a while, while I also know of a fewContinue reading “When in doubt, Travel!”