Ladakh Roadtrip Day 2: Khardung La & Nubra Valley

Intense… Forceful… Bewildering… These are the first 3 adjectives that come to my mind when I try to describe Ladakh. The people, the geography, the pot-potpourri of cultures everything evokes such compelling emotions that its difficult to put them in precise words. My visit to Ladakh and the roadtrip I took across Khardung La andContinue reading “Ladakh Roadtrip Day 2: Khardung La & Nubra Valley”

Leh: Start to the Highest Roadtrip in India (Day 1)

I visited Ladakh for the first time when I was 7 years old and the second time when I was 8. Ladakh wasn’t considered “cool” then. Not many were aware that a region actually even lay north of Kashmir that was a part of India and was home to the world’s highest & coldest battlefieldContinue reading “Leh: Start to the Highest Roadtrip in India (Day 1)”

Roadtrip: Pune to Nashik

Let’s go on a ROADTRIP! I think doing roadtrips with someone is the best way to bond… I don’t know, its probably about being “confined” in a closed space (I mean a car!) or being “coupled” with someone else (like on a motorbike!) for long periods of time kind of compels you to connect withContinue reading “Roadtrip: Pune to Nashik”